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One of the most advantageous forms of savings on the domestic market today is the home savings fund, but many people are stalled that they will only have access to the savings in at least 4 years. But in urgent cases you can apply for money in advance.


Home Savings – Getting Started on Time

Home Savings - Getting Started on Time

In fact, everyone would be advised to start one immediately , but more in the family , if they don’t already have an LTP contract . Paying $ 20,000 a month is not a witchcraft, and we can use the 30 percent state subsidy on housing for 4, 5, 8, 10 years. After all, renovation, expansion and purchase can be covered as well as the purchase of any furniture, accessories, or accessories left in any property.

From air conditioners to irrigation systems, and even Internet installation, we can spend anything on state-subsidized savings, but the potential is even greater.

However, if you need money for a home right now and there is no LTP running for a minimum of 4 years (plus a two or three month payout period) then this is not a good option. Or is it?



home loan

Even after opening an account, you can access the final amount specified in the contract by borrowing a bridging loan. For example, with a 4-year (48-month) contract, if we pay the maximum amount, we get $ 2.8 million.

The distinctive feature of this solution is that the payment will consist of two phases: a bridging loan and a home loan. This means that the customer pays the savings portion and the interest on the bridging loan for 48 months, and only the latter during the withdrawal period. In addition, the balance of the loan shall be repaid for 48 months.

Want a very favorable THM? It is worth launching several LTPs at a time with just one bridging loan, and state support ‘supports’ the payment of the loan. All in all, we are far better off with a traditional loan.

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